Success is covered in sweat

Get drenched

Valencia’s hottest boutique fitness experience is Drenched, with it’s hip club vibe that connects clients to heated fast-paced classes for a lean, strong body.

Looking for the Holy Grail of all your favorite workouts?! From Pilates Reformer, DJ’d Hip Hop Yoga, Barre Fight to Heated Sculpt Classes Drenched has everything you need to build a lean strong body. Our staff shows up to every class on full throttle, 100% ready to kick your ass!

Explore our offerings and sign up for a class today. 

Tread & Soul

Experience our innovative high-intensity treadmill and weight workout that will leave you not only sweating and satisfied, but inspired and empowered. Set your soul on fire with Tread and Soul!

Barre Body

This fun and energetic class incorporates pilates, yoga and dance utilizing the barre. Combining both strength and flexibility our goal is to achieve a beautiful dancer’s physique.

barre fight™

Hey barre babes want more cardio and look bad ass while doing it? This boxing-barre combo class will leave you swinging and sweating. Mix graceful ballet barre movements with high intensity interval training at the bag and you have one knockout of a workout!

Soul (Hot) Yoga

Sweat, work, breathe and finally, restore. The fusion of soulful music and classic vinyasa flow sequences provide an intense and challenging workout in this 60 min class.  We will be flowing to the sounds of the latest and greatest  tracks in the darkness and candle light. 

Full body reformer

This full body 40 minute workout is designed to tighten and tone your body safely and quickly. We will work the entire body while focusing on core stability as well as spinal stabilization. 

Pilates sculpt

This is our signature class where it all started. This 45 min class was designed to talk to your entire body and we waste no time. With the use of weights, resistance bands, gliders, and other equipment your body will burn fat, while lengthening the muscles for a more lean physique. All levels are welcome and encouraged in this room of love and sweat. 

yoga sculpt

First we flow then we GO! This class combines traditional yoga sequences with the use of hand weights to build lean muscles and boost metabolism.  The perfect blend of mind and body!
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